Junto, Nourished Palate, Sesame LA, Joey Shares, Joey's Take, Goofy Grapes, Gabrielle Johnson,
The Elvis Presley Bar & Grille, Billiards Worldwide


Junto is a Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern fusion restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.

Brand ID (2023)

Assisted Dominique Falcone on brand identity for Junto. Deliverables: logo, menu design, social posts. 

Nourished Palate

Nourished Palate is an online platform created by Ashia Aubourg. The platform is geared at cultivating a community of eaters, cooks, growers, creators, and entrepreneurs who all share one thing in common—a love for food and it's intersectionality.

Brand ID (2024)

Deliverables: comprehensive logo suite

Sesame La

Sesame LA is a superette in LA's Chinatown that sells artisinal goods.

Mockups (2023)

Deliverables: t-shirt, tote, and hat mockups 

Joey Shares

Joey Shares is a jewelry brand I started in 2019. I make my signature flower beads with resin and lots of love.

Brand ID (2020)

Deliverables: logo, color palette, illustrations, mockups, printed assets (flyers, posters, banners, signs)

Joey’s Take

Joey’s Take is my food pop-up project that showcases the breadth of California’s produce.

Brand ID (2023)

Deliverables: logo, color palette, illustrations, mockups, printed assets (flyers, passes, booklets)

Goofy Grapes

Goofy Grapes is a winery based in Santa Barbara, CA.

Mockups (2023)

Deliverables: wine lable and bottle mockups

Gabrielle Johnson

Gabrielle Johnson is costume designer based in New York City.

Brand ID (2023)

Deliverables: logo, website, favicon

The Elvis Presley Bar & Grille

The Elvis Presley Bar & Grille is owned by Bailey Moses in El Sereno, Los Angeles. 

Brand ID (2023)

Deliverables: logo, product mockups

Billiards Worldwide

Billiards Worldwide is an app that helps people find pool houses across the world. Website coming soon.

Brand ID (2023)

Deliverables: logo, social post

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