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Solawave is a skincare technology company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Solawave Comm Card (1/12/24)

Comm Card (front and back) for Mean Girls cast. 


Berriez sells one-of-a-kind vintage and reworked vintage, plus clothing & accessories from emerging designers. Berriez is based in Brooklyn, NY. 

Berriez in Los Angeles (2/8/24)

Graphic for Berriez’s weekend in Los Angeles. 

Lover Girl Market at Berriez’s (2/1/24)

Flyer for Berriez x Third Cup market at Berriez brick and mortar.

Berriez After Dark (1/9/24)

Flyer for “Berriez After Dark” series.

Hidden Gems Market at Berriez’s (12/1/23)

Flyer for Berriez x Third Cup market at Berriez brick and mortar.

Berriez Holiday (11/27/23)

Holiday Gift Guide graphics for Berriez.

Berriez Holiday (11/24/23)

Instagram graphic for Berriez 12 Days of Story Sales.

Berriez Creatives Closet Sale (3/16/24)

Berriez Creatives Closet Sale (1/14/24)

Berriez Creators Closet Sale (11/14/23)

Berriez Halloween (10/14/23)

Flyer Halloween event at Berriez brick and mortar.

Bad Taste

Bad Taste is run by Jen Monroe, a chef, artist, and food designer whose project is committed to exploring new ways of thinking about food and consumption, approaching food as fantasy and as a transportive medium. Bad Taste is based in New York City.

Valentine’s Day Dinner (1/23/24)

Flyer for Bad Taste Valentine’s Day event in Brooklyn.


Chainsaw is a dinner pop-up run by Venezuelan chef, Karla Subero Pittol. She hosts dinners for the public/select clients every weekend in her garage in Echo Park.

Lamb Roast at Bloodlust (10/1/23)

Flyer for Chainsaw’s lamb roast event at Bloodlust, a event space in El Valle de Guadalupe, MX.


Sanditas is a pop-up series in Los Angeles, CA run by Australian chef, Sandy Ho. 

Sanditas x Ginza Nishikawa (10/13/23)

Flyer for Sanditas x Ginza Nishikawa event at Open Market.

Joey’s Take

Joey’s Take is my food pop-up project that showcases the breadth of California’s produce.

Lunar New Year Graphic (2/10/24)

Graphic made for my Annual Lunar New Year Dumpling Party.

Spiralbound Menu (10/13/23)

Menu made with Erika Ho for Ruyi.Studio event, Spiralbound and Joey’s Take’s collab for Estuario’s event, Spiralbound. 

Pie and Booze (10/13/23)

Flyer and graphics made for Joey’s Take’s collab with bartender, Bailey Moses.

Joey Shares

Joey Shares is a jewelry brand I started in 2019. I make my signature flower beads with resin and lots of love.

Superbloom (5/30/23)

Flyer for my flower cookie and flower jewelry collaboration with Ruyi.Studio
(previously known as Bbybakeshop) at the boutique, Kathleen.

Various Graphics (2020-2024)

Cakes4Sport x Joey Shares (2020)

Postcard design to promote cake and jewelry collaboration between Cake 4 Sport and Joey Shares.

Alex & Jack

Alex Scher and Jack George are DJ’s based in Los Angeles who spin jazz and disco vinyl.

El Prado (7/18/23)

Melody Lounge (7/18/23)

The Little Friend Bar (9/1/22)

New Roads Theater

The New Roads Theater Department puts on two shows annually at The Herb Alpert Educational Village.

Spring Awakening (4/16/21)

Romeo and Juliet (11/12/21)

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